Welcome everyone! My name is Janica, Jai for short. I am a lover of natural hair and beautiful things. I created this blog for all of you, who like me, have Hair A.D.D. I have also been receiving a ton of questions from family, friends, and strangers recently about what I use in my hair, my hair regimen, etc. I figured this would be a great way to share all that information in a quick and easy way. I have always been willing to try new things with my hair, whether it is color, a new cut, a weave, rocking my hair in its natural state or bone straight. I cut off all of my relaxed ends in October 2011, and have been rocking my curly halo ever since. Since my big chop I have colored my hair, cut my hair, and tried numerous natural styles. I am currently on a journey to obtaining healthy hair without giving up style. I would love for you all to share this journey with me as well as include me in your journey. I look forward to this being an outlet for naturalistas everywhere to strut their stuff! Thank you so much in advance for visiting and supporting my blog.100


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