Color Damaged Curls

I am coming to you all today to VENT! I am so frustrated with my hair color! I loved it when I first done it, but my hair and texture are noticeably different now then it was before I colored my hair! Let me clarify, I didn’t just color my hair, I bleached my hair to achieve my hair color. I believe the bleach was the problem, not necessarily the coloring of my hair. I had colored my hair previously, but did not use bleach and I never experienced any problems. Now  let me start off by saying, my curl pattern has ALWAYS been looser in certain spots than others, especially in the front of my hair and the nape of my hair, but this just adds to my frustration. I can’t tell if my curls are damaged in the front or just being their naturally looser curly selves (lol). I made the mistake of cutting of a lot of my hair after I first went natural and straightened my hair, thinking I had acquired heat damage because my curls were looser in the front, only to find that they grew back the exact same way. So you can see the dilemma. I have never had a problem cutting my hair, but I really don’t want to if it is not truly damaged. My hair continued to grow and retain length after my color, although I have done several trims since then. I decided that instead of cutting off all my hair again., I will just allow the color to grow out and cut it out as it grows more towards the ends. It just seems like it is taking forever, and this will be my first act of patience with my hair as far as not grabbing the scissors. I used to be very scissor happy (evil laugh)! I am really trying to give my hair a chance with this color but LAWD! A word of advice, I personally feel there is nothing wrong with coloring your hair as long as it does not involve bleach! I will NEVER bleach my hair again! I will post some pics before and after color, please let me know what you think! If you have any advice, please leave it in the comments below! Trust me I would greatly appreciate it!

Before Bleach!

Before Bleach!

Before Bleach! Curls are still looser in the front!

Before Bleach! Curls are still looser in the front!

After Bleach!

After Bleach!



  1. Have you done a heavy protein treatment like apHogee 2-step? That may help a bit. Also look at your roots compared to the ends, if the areas that were bleached are looser than new growth–damaged.

    1. I did try that and it did help. And my ends aren’t neccesarily looser than my roots, but they are dryer in certain areas. I guess that’s to be expected when bleach is involved! It’s so frustrating.

      1. Thank you! I actually tried that for the first time yesterday when I washed my hair and my hair felt so much better! I don’t really clean my hair that well using only conditioner and I remember last time I got a trim, after the girl washed my hair, she said you don’t need a trim you just needed ur curls clean! I will continue to do that when my hair needs to be cleaned and let you know how it’s working out. Thanks for your advice!

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