The Fashionista Award!!!!

thefashionistaawardHello everyone,

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

I have been nominated for the “Fashionista Award” by Kesia Claysie from Islandkynks: Styling Tips for a Natural Gal! Thank you Kesia! I truly appreciate it, you are wonderful!


1)  What motivated you to start blogging?


I really wanted to share my natural hair journey with other women that were interested in natural hair! I found it really helpful following the journey of others and I was inspired to begin blogging myself. I hope to help, inspire, and encourage women to continue in their natural hair journey and hopefully learn something from me and my failure and triumphs! I also hope this can be a platform for women to express themselves and continue to have conversations about natural hair and self image in general.


2) Favorite movies?


Selena, Brown Sugar, The Mummy, Love and Basketball, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Slumdog Millionaire


3) What is your dream career?


I would have to say my dream career would be an owner of my own natural hair care line!


4) Top wish list items at the moment?


Becoming fit and starting a healthier lifestyle, create the perfect hair care product that would work for all hair types lol, getting a job in engineering at a pharmaceutical company


5) Favorite television shows?


Scandal, Orange is the New Black, Suits, and CSI: Miami


6) What store do you find yourself shopping in the most?


Walmart, Walgreens, and Forever 21


7) Favorite fashion designers?


Don’t really have one, I’ll wear anything I think is cute no matter the label!


8) Describe your dream vacation?


I would love to travel to Greece and experience a different culture! I would love to learn about the history of Greece and visit the museums! I would also love to lie on the beaches all day and enjoy  the Mediterranean cuisine! I love to eat lol!


9) What are the goals for your blog?


My goals for this blog is just to give women a platform to speak about natural hair and anything else related to self image and self love! I also hope they can learn and grow with me in my natural hair journey and learn from my errors! I believe blogging creates an amazing platform to meet so many other amazing people, you can learn so much from other peoples experiences!


10) If you had the opportunity to interview a celebrity, who would it be?


Elle Varner, she seems so down to earth and I love her hair and her music!


Once again, I would like to thank, Kesia Claysie for nominating me! Your such a sweetheart!


My Nominees are:





color me natural

fiercely fearless

coily head of hair

hey natural beauties




View instructions for the “Fashionista Award” here



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